Solar Cooker

sun2cook without pot

Sun2Cook, a simple solar cooker


This inventive solar cooker is easy and safe to use and therefore perfect for experimenting and for taking on hikes or camping.

The basic material is a double layer polypropylene sheet (core flute), much like a plastic version of corrugated cardboard. It is factory laminated with a robust reflective film. There is no need for a plastic bag enclosure, a black pot with a glass lid works very well by itself. The simple design is very easy to manufacture as there are only seven straight lines to be cut into the material. (Unless required otherwise all cuts have already been made.) All the assembly information is printed on the back of the cooker.

The steep and adjustable back allows it to capture early and late day sun.

The assembly information is printed on the back of the cooker.


We are promoting solar cooking not for the money but for its huge social implications. Therefore we also offer free help.

sun2cook backsidesun2cook folding






Solar cooking in Australia may just look like a toy. However it is of great importance for many developing countries with plenty of sunshine but little money to purchase fuel.

We have installed solar powered food steamers in Vanuatu producing steam at atmospheric pressure which can be used to steam food. As this is a split system the collector can stay on the roof and cooking happens in the kitchen as us in usual cooking.

Vanuatu install2

solar food steamer installation in Vanuatu


Some NGOs like Solar Cookers International are supplying excellent information and are actively promoting solar cooking.


As a consequence of cooking with firewood or charcoal there is massive deforestation. Cooking on open fire is also results in hundreds of thousands of respiratory diseases caused by smoke inhalation. See our own presentation here or have a look the the website of Solar Cookers International or their very informative Wiki.


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  1. Hi I would like to know more about solar steam cooking. I am from South africa and I would like to know is it possible to get training to install your system here. I know of a solar water heating company that might be interested and already have experience installing solar water heaters on roofs. Please advise me on the best way forward

  2. Cordial greetings team Sun2Cook, we want to congratulate you for such important work that has been developed especially with the less favored communities and especially the care of the environment, it is for this reason that we allow you to request your support and collaboration in the information of how to build a kitchen solar steam, and parabolic belong to a rural community.
    We appreciate your cooperation, greetings from port, concordia, Colombia.

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