Our Team

Dr. Heinz-Joachim (Jo) Muller

Jo has a long history as a leading scientist in water filtration. He has many years of experience in a leading role Research & Development in the water treatment sector. In the last few years, he has developed a passion for solar energy. With this passion as his main drive he founded Sun2Steam in early 2008. With a background in Industrial Chemistry and a sound knowledge of engineering and technology, Jo is responsible for R&D and the technical side of the business.

Email: joachim.muller@sun2steam.com.au


Hannah Jahn, M.B.A
Company Secretary

Hannah complements Jo in the day to day business at Sun2Steam. Whilst Jo is responsible for the technical side of things, Hannah is responsible for the everyday running of the business. She brings a sound business background to Sun2Steam, with a management degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and an MBA from the Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal, Germany. Furthermore she has several years of experience in HR, Finance and Customer Service.

Email: hannah.jahn@sun2steam.com.au